Sparrow's Promise Playground

In June, Amanda Brinkman with The Small Business Revolution visited Sparrow’s Promise. Soon after, we were surprised with a generous donation of $15,000. This money is a blessing and will continue to be for many years. A long time need has been for an outdoor space for families to connect, and we are now on our way to providing that versatile space to better serve our families! The playground will be an additional location, similar to the visit center, for personal yet monitored interactions to take place as families are in transition.

Imagine a versatile outdoor space where families can enjoy the outdoors while also connecting during a time of transition. Often, families will meet at fast food restaurants that have play areas to create happy memories. Our new playground will be different in the fact that it will be large enough for adults to interact with children, rather than watching from a far. We are very excited about being able to serve our children and families in this way! 

It is our hope that the playground will be a place for hope, restoration, and happy shared moments! With your help, we can raise the remainder of funds needed, just head over to the donation page.

Check out the trailer, and be sure to watch the season when it is released on Hulu on October 8!

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